GABRIELLA GULLIN        composer

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C H A M B E R   M U S I C

PVH=Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia   Geh=Gehrmans Musikförlag AB Rec=Recorded    Ms=Manuscript

Out Of Love, baritonesaxophone and guitarr                 Ms (1979)                                                                                         Rec   
                                                                                                     (Out of Love/Peter Gullin/EMI 1979)                                           

Six Organ Chorals                                                              Ms

Valzer Vero piano                                                                Ms        

Song for a Baritonesaxophone                                  Ms
baritonesaxophone with organ                                                                        

Song for Oboe and Piano                                     Ms

Suite                                                                                         Ms
baritonesaxophone and piano
- A Moment Please
- Just Jazz
- Nobody

Never Say No Again                                                          Ms
double bass, baritonesaxophone and guitarr                               

Sonata for Flute and Piano                                   Previously PVH, now Ms
- Les Autres
- Les Yeux Éternels
- Les Adieux

Alla Ballata organ                                                                  Geh
"Ecco un racconto vero, ma è detto senza parole"            Rec (Nosag CD 086)  

I Pelarsal och Länder                                                        Ms
solovoice with stringquartet                                                                             
(G.Gullin) (1991)

En Stjärna i Min Himmel                                         Ms 
                                                          Rec (Svt)

Impromptu Risvegliato
                                                     Previously PVH, now Ms
organ                                                                                            Rec (Nosag CD 086)   

Three Small Choral Prelude                                  Msorgan                                                                                      
- Se, vi gå upp till Jerusalem
- Jesus, du mitt hjärtas längtan
- I himmelen, i himmelen

String Quartet                                                                       Ms
För de i minnet burna - For those borne in mind

Rachel's Call for Rafael                                                     Previously PVH, now Ms


The Fool is Falling Down                                         Ms

Father forgive Us; For We Know Not                            Ms
What We Do                                        

organ or piano

Les Ombres Dans L'Eau                                          Ms